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What is P&C Insurance License

How to Excel as P&C agent

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What is P&C insurance license? A property and casualty insurance license allows you to sell personal lines or commercial lines insurance. You have the power to bind policies and sell personal lines insurance such as home or car. Also, you can even sell commercial insurance such as general liability or E&O.  

One of the biggest dilemmas for an insurance agent in property and casualty insurance would be to choose between selling commercial insurance or personal insurance. Even though personal insurance has been the prodigal son for a very long time, the scenarios might change. Personal insurance line was always the most profitable line in P&C landscape. However, with the rise of small to medium businesses and their demand for insurance, commercial insurance is catching up to speed. 

What is P&C Insurance License

What is P&C Insurance License?

There are 31.7 million small businesses as of May 2020, according to U.S Small Business Administration. Also, US economy is booming from small to large scale firms. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: to get an insurance coverage enough to cover your business. As an insurance agent, you can connect with business owners easily through an insurance directory. You can add listing in the directory with all your experiences and license, and let your prospects find you. Furthermore, here are the list of reasons why selling commercial insurance can help you excel in the P&C industry: 

  • Higher commission: Business wants security, and they don’t mind investing a lot in it. Different niches in the commercial line and blooming disruptive innovation requires new insurances. When you become insurance broker, you may want to dip in this pool. 
  • Huge growth potential: The entrepreneurship fever has seen huge businesses opening up. The amount of untouched profit in such market can be very exciting. Also, the booming property and casualty insurance contributes to huge profit margin for insurance agents 
  • Technology’s role in insurance: The advancement of technology penetrating in the business world to leverage its benefit can be one of the reasons. Also, insurance agents can capitalize the technology in insurance with tech-solutions to the businesses.
property and casualty insurance
property and casualty insurance