P&C Insurance Domain Interview Questions 

property and casualty insurance

You get your homeowners policy only to find out after a burglary incident that the policy doesn’t give you the total value of your stolen jewelry. Of course, you’d be disappointed and question why you were even paying the premiums in the first place. However, the truth is, a typical property and casualty insurance is usually inadequate in providing complete protection for your valuables. Also, when you have a P&C insurance license, you can either choose to sell a personal insurance or commercial insurance. 

P&C insurance domain interview questions 

The interview questions you can prepare with the help of insurance technology are: 

  • What are different types of insurance coverage? 
  • Also, what do you mean by insurance coverage? 
  • What is the surrender value? 

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Once you get your insurance license, you can either become a captive agent or an independent agent. Or, you even start your own insurance agency 

p&c insurance domain interview questions

Since your homeowners insurance has limits on such coverages, personal articles floater coverage is the best choice for anyone who owns valuables. The coverage makes you eligible for reimbursements from your insurance company in case of theft, damage, or loss.  


While buying the personal articles floater from an insurance company in Norland, you need to understand the types of coverages you can get from your insurance provider. Your floaters policy may cover shoes, appliances, furniture, clothing, and more. Nevertheless, each of these items may have limitations. On the other hand, your insurer may extend coverage in the event of loss or damage while away from your home.    

Unscheduled Property   

You don’t list your personal belongings under this type of coverage. Insurers generally have blanket coverage and sub-limits for the valuables. For example, your insurance company in Norland may offer you a $1,700 jewelry coverage limit, which will cover the loss (full or partial, if the loss exceeds the limit) of the jewelry you own.  Your entry in insurance directory can help your customers spot you when they search for “insurance agent near me 

Scheduled Property   

Under this coverage, you list your personal belongings explicitly in your policy. This coverage is particularly suitable if you own extravagant valuables like jewelry, fine arts, musical instruments, firearms, and so on. You get broader coverage compared to the scheduled property coverage.   

Find out which personal articles policy you want. Get insurance quotes today for free and start shopping to find that one insurance company in Norland that will suit you the best. As an insurance agent, you should get E and O insurance to protect you and your business. 

property and casualty insurance
property and casualty insurance