Can You Sell Insurance With A Felony ?

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Vacant home insurance, also popular as vacant building insurance, is the type of policy that covers your home if it is vacant for over 30 days. You can even choose to sell property and casualty insurance which has two lines: commercial and personal lines. A standard home policy that you carry usually doesn’t cover your home if it stays empty for over 30 days. Nevertheless, you need to talk to your insurance company about insurance claim as well as to find out the period of vacancy acceptable for coverage under your homeowners policy.  

Usually, vacant building insurance comes in periodical packages of one, three, six, or twelve months. Sometimes, upon request, insurance companies may extend the period. If you wonder can you sell insurance with a felony then read ahead. You can even list yourself in an agent directory after you get your license. 

can you sell insurance with a felony

Can You Sell Insurance With A Felony?  

Generally, when you apply for an insurance license, they run a background check. If you were a former felon and you have been on your good graces then you have nothing to worry about. You can get an insurance license even if you were a past felon. As long as you keep up with the parole routine check, you’re good to go. If you want to know how to become an independent insurance agent then first of all you need an experience. Here are some tips to increase your insurance sales that helps to brush up your knowledge. 

Firstly, the liability coverage helps you in situations when a visitor or a guest gets injured in your unoccupied home premises. Such injury can be the source of litigation, and you’ll be liable to pay for the resulting expenses. However, with this policy intact, your insurance agent will take care of such sudden expenses.   

Secondly, you can expect your policy to cover detached structures. For example, if a storm damages the detached garage, you’ll get reimbursements. Similarly, other structures such as gazebo, tool shed, and more are viable coverage options too. You can use these tips to get more leads for insurance. 

Thirdly, if your vacant home is well furnished and is full of appliances, consider buying coverage for the personal property. The standard policy may be inadequate to cover these valuable items. Hence, you may need to add the coverage in your vacant building policy explicitly.   

What to Remember  

One key thing to note is that a vacant home policy doesn’t take care of all kinds of losses. For example, if a robber steals the appliances in your vacant home, you’ll get reimbursements. However, if it turns out that you had accidentally left the door open, that loss will be yours to bear. No insurance company in Pinewood encourages carelessness, negligence, and ignorance.   

Rather, insurers offer rewards in the form of discounts and premium offs if you undertake risk mitigation or loss control techniques. For example, if you use a smart lock system in your home or a CCTV camera, you’re likely to get good discounts from your insurer. The reason being, with such appliances, your home is safer than without those appliances.

property and casualty insurance
property and casualty insurance